Virtualboard 1.11

Write or draw directly on to the Desktop

VirtualBoard was a tool created for professional needs, to teach people how to use Windows, with projection on large screen: instead of using big explanations in an incomprehensible technical jargon for a newbie (example: " Click on 'Start' Menu on the left side of the taskbar, at the bottom of Windows desktop " ), it was more enerigizing and motivating to show what must be done ( " look at the red arrow I've drawn on the screen, and click at the place the arrow indicates. " ) All that with one imperative: minimum of mouse clicks!

However, VirtualBoard is NOT a paint software, so you will never see advanced functions. Also, it is NOT a presentation software. VirtualBoard is rather an attempt to combine painting and presentation by keeping only essential functions and most of all with the quickest access as possible.



Virtualboard 1.11

User reviews about Virtualboard

  • sammrycp

    by sammrycp

    "De regular funcionalidad"

    Es un programa que puede ayudar en la enseñanza, y puede funcionar en bien en un buen porcentaje. Pero si se requiere f... More.

    reviewed on October 28, 2008